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Swagelok Services and FabricationSwagelok Services and Fabrication

Communication | Collaboration | Accountability | Innovation | Recognition

Swagelok Value WheelFrom the far reaches of space to the bottom of the ocean and everywhere in between, Swagelok has been a partner alongside our customers, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. That is our mission – we are always looking for a better way. Our associates – corporate and distributor – are singularly focused on how they can improve our customers’ experience, every single day.

So much depends on our customers’ critical applications – company success and reputation, local economies, and the preservation of the environment and safety. And, therefore, so much depends on our associates.

Services & Fabrication


Fabrication Associates are details oriented, mechanically inclined, technicians. They work off comprehensive drawings - producing repeatable, aesthetically satisfying, reliable fluid systems. Our quality system is second to none; expect to challenge convention, continuously improve, and exceed customer expectations. Training and certifications are consistently reviewed and updated to the current revision ensuring builds are done to the most recent specifications. Skill sets range from simple hand tool operation to state of the art CNC equipment and Computer Aided Design applications.

Plant Energy Services

Energy Management

Our Energy Management Associates are trained to use precise equipment to conduct a detailed assessment of plant fluid systems and components, document and tag areas needing attention, and share best practices in repairing and maintaining systems to deliver top performance.

Hose Advisory Service

A factory-trained advisor visits plant sites and works with customers to best understand their needs and goals for improving hose systems.


Train customers on something as simple as pulling up a tube fitting to complex analytical sampling system optimization.

Field Engineering

Field Engineering is the technical liaison between the customer, our distributor network, and the Corporate offices. Field engineers provide technical expertise through a sound understanding of our customer's applications. Their objectives are:

Provide local technical expertise to customers' application
Support and troubleshoot existing installations
Provide training to distributor associates and end-users

Meet the Challenge

We are values led, and performance driven – building on our proud heritage of providing excellence in service to customers. We seek to truly understand our customers’ unique business challenges so that we’re better able to add real, tangible value to their facility and operation.

Are you ready to meet the challenge? We’re always looking for good people to join our team. Send us a general inquiry with you resume and cover letter by completing the form below: