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Mechanical Seal Support Systems

Standardization is key to improving efficiency, and our customizable, repeatable design and assembly results in fast, efficient replacement.

Save Money, Reduce Labor, and Improve Safety

Gas Distribution Systems

Stop paying hidden gas distribution costs.

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Swagelok® Tube-in-Tube Systems

Our fluid system professionals will assist you in selecting the proper specifications for your applications.

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Swagelok® Custom Solutions

High quality assemblies, ready when you need them and guaranteed. Backed by over 75 years of Swagelok technical expertise, and with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer focus, we offer assembly and fabrication services using Swagelok products and other customer specified components. 

From simple assemblies, to more complex, total solutions, we can fabricate them to your exact specifications and requirements. Further, we work hand-in-hand with you from concept to total solution, saving you time and resources.

Our Fabrication Services


Actuated Ball Valve Installation

Enhance the performance and control of your operations with the pneumatic actuated ball valve, available in both our standard 130 and 150 series rack and pinion models and in our ISO 5211-compliant models.

Swagelok CNC Tube Bender

CNC Tube Bending

Repeatable and scalable, our CNC tube bender complements our expanding assembly and fabrication services offering. With the capability to produce both simple and complex bends with incredible accuracy, we can help decrease waste and rework better than traditional hand tube bending.

Swagelok gas distribution program

Gas Distribution Systems

Whether you need new, more reliable gas distribution systems professionally built or you simply need advice on how to improve your existing systems, we have you covered. 

Swagelok Grab Sample Systems

Grab Sampling Systems

As more industries bring additional analytical equipment online, it becomes more imperative to have quality sample systems that can accurately capture the process for later analysis. 


Hose Fabrication

Partnering with the Swagelok Hose Services Group, we are able to locally fabricate custom, configurable Swagelok Coreflex series hose to meet your exact specification needs. 

Modular Stream Selector Valves

This compact, modular system design offers an ease of installation and maintenance, with a wide selection of modules that can be assembled to your specific application.

Regulator Assemblies

We can provide the most frequently requested configurations for gas bottle or inline service utilizing K-Series pressure reducing regulators for our regulator assemblies.


Relief Valve Setting

Valves are set, tested, locked, and tagged with the set pressure, and certificates of the test are included. Pre-set Swagelok relief valves are ready to be installed in the field without additional bench testing or calibration.

mechanical seal support systems

Seal Support Systems

Swagelok's mechanical seal support systems are designed to maximize the life of mechanical seals and the reliability of rotating equipment by maintaining lubrication and system pressure and providing properly conditioned fluid flows.


Tagging & Lamicoids

Tagging your components like hoses, valves and even fittings can help clearly identify critical components in your operations, giving your operators a safe and reliable system to work with. 


Tube-in-Tube Systems

Swagelok® Tube-in-Tube Systems are available in various sizes and material selection. Our fluid system professionals will be able to assist you in selecting the proper specifications for your applications.


Vendor Data Book

What if you didn't have to worry about pulling together all of the certifications, test reports, CRN's, and all the paperwork that comes with fabricating? Well, rest easy knowing you'll receive a VDB (Vendor Data Book) with your fabrication from Swagelok.

Five Easy Steps to Turning Your Idea into an Fully Operational Assembly, Engineered to Help You Succeed


Step 1, 2 & 3: Concept & Quotations

Our skilled associates are certified to the Swagelok Company benchmark to ensure your assembly is made to the highest standard. We can help with the concept of your project from its very beginning, and approach the process with both flexibility and precision to ensure a tested solution that will not fail.


Step 4: Fabrication & Qualification

Once we've worked with you to finalize and approve the design and specification for your project, its time to begin the work to assemble, test, and package your finished solution. We will draw from our extensive local inventories and order any additional necessary parts.


Step 5: Testing Documentation

You trust our components. Now trust our team of experts to build fluid system assemblies tailored to meet the needs of your application. As always, Swagelok products and services, including assemblies, are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty; we guarantee everything that we do.

Engineered to Perform Under Pressure

Our in-house, Swagelok® Custom Solutions team are on hand to ensure your unique needs are met when they arise. Send us your idea. We'll create the CAD and build it in our well-equipped assembly area. It's simple. And you can be certain your assembly is 100% tested and guaranteed before it's shipped to you.

Let's Get Started on Your Design!