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We've taken the iconic Swagelok Product binder and created this new electronic reference to better help you quickly find Swagelok solutions for your fluid system needs - it's free to you, easy to use, green and always up to date

Once installed on your PC you'll have access to all of the most recent revisions of the Swagelok product literature. The Swagelok eDTR was designed with the customer in mind - engineered to save you time and lighten your workload with these additional features and benefits:

  • The Swagelok eDTR software is complimentary at no cost to you
  • Save time and resources - the eDTR has an intuitive, easy to navigate user interface and contains all of the current product literature
  • The Key Word Search allows you to find exactly what you need without having to thumb through countless pages of information
  • Never reference obsolete or outdated information again - the eDTR features an update functionality that automatically downloads and updates to the latest revision of all our product catalogs (Internet connection required to receive eDTR software updates)
  • Free up your desk space and go "green"

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