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Swagelok Welding Systems

The Swagelok Welding System follows an oribital gas tungsten arc weld (GTAW) process and provides precise control of weld current, electrode travel speed, and OD shield gas flow to produce consistent and repeatable weld results.  The M200 power supply unit features a touch-screen display for easy navigation and data input.

Standardized, Practical Training from Experienced Trainers

Renting reliable equipment is one thing, but having the skills to operate the equipment as intended by the manufacturer is another. We offer training on all the equipment we offer.

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Features include:

  • High-resolution 12.1 in. colour SVGA industrial touch screen
  • Integrated mass flow controller automatically controls OD shield gas throughout the weld cycle
  • Up to 200 A peak output capability
  • Multiple weld procedure data entry options
  • Real-time monitoring and recording of weld output performance
  • Low EMI arc start technology
  • Multiple language capability
  • Meets CE, RoHS (EU), GOST R (Russia), CCC (China), and Canadian requirements

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From the components Swagelok manufacturers, to the equipment used to cut, prepare and bend tubing and install tube fittings, to the highly trained professionals assembling the components to build a safe, reliable fluid system — we've got you covered.

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