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Standardized, Practical Training from Experienced Trainers

Proper installation and product selection starts with proper training from our experienced trainers at Swagelok. 

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Swagelok® Training & Education

We know how important it is to have highly-trained, knowledgeable associates so that you can work safely and efficiently. We’re committed to providing our customers with a wide range of training options that align with their specific needs and concerns. Our approach to training is to introduce the fundamental, theoretical principles and to then reinforce those principles with hands-on, practical exercises and examinations. Participants leave our Swagelok training events engaged and with an advanced understanding of processes that can enhance workplace safety, and improve efficiency and productivity.

Customize Your Training Experience

All of our Essentials training courses can be combined to get the most out of your training experience. For example, our individual course offerings are only a half-day in length, so you could combine our Tube Fitting Installation Essentials with our Hose Essentials to make it full day, or spilt it up into two days — the decision is yours! Check out our training offerings below.

Our Training Courses


Tube Fitting Installation & Tube Bending Essentials

In this combined, full-day course, you'll explore all the topics covered in each of the Tube Fitting Installation Essentials, and Tube Bending Essentials course, giving you the knowledge and skills you need to assemble a safe, reliable fluid system.

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Tube Fitting Installation Essentials

In this half-day course, you'll explore how to properly select and install the wide selection of fittings offered. You'll also learn about leakage, vibration, thread identification, types of sealants and lubricants, and how to combat against various fluid system challenges.

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Tube Bending Essentials

In this half-day course you'll explore the best practices and standards for tube bending, and learn how to combat against leakage and vibrations in fluid systems. In addition, you'll learn about fundamentals of working with compressed gas and how to properly mark your tubing.

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Advanced Tube Bending

Advanced Tube Bending

In this full-day course, you'll explore variables to consider when tube bending, springback, and the hand tube bender. In addition, you'll learn about the name plate, last leg, the three types of marks used in the Swagelok method of tube bending, and more.

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Tube Fitting Inspection Essentials

In this half-day course, you'll understand that installing a tube fitting is just the first step to a proper installation. Next, you'll learn how to properly verify and resolve installation errors for tubing, tube fittings and threaded fittings.

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FK Series training

FK Fittings Essentials

In this half-day course, discover more about the design of Swagelok FK Series tube fittings, safety considerations, variables in and preparation of medium-pressure tubing, along with assembly, and more.

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Medium/High Pressure Cone & Thread Installation Essentials

In this half-day course, discover more about the installation and applications of Medium Pressure & High Pressure components, as we discuss safety precautions, functionality, correct installation and verification, and how to perform basic troubleshooting.

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Hose Essentials

In this half-day course, instructors introduce common terminology, explain variables impacting hose selection, and show how to select hose for different applications. In addition, we'll discuss common issues found in hose applications and best practices for preventative maintenance of hoses.

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TSTP Hydrogen

Tubing System Training Program, Hydrogen Applications

Over the course of two days, you'll learn various topics, like hydrogen compatible materials, risk mitigation and best practices, tube fitting installation and tube bending, and more.

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Sample System Problem Solving and Maintenance (SSM)

Over the course of two days, you'll learn various topics, like how to identify when time delay is an operational problem, calculate and optimize sample transport lag (time delay) for liquids and gases, and more.

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Process analyzer sampling system training

Process Analyzer Sampling System Training (PASS)

Over the course of five days, you'll learn how to identify the root cause of issues related to system design, and optimize your sampling system, prevent sampling system errors, and ensure accurate process analyzer readings. 

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PASS Subsytem training class

Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) Subsystem Training

Take your knowledge to the next level with this comprehensive course, and learn how to identify the root cause of issues related to system design, and optimize your sampling system to ensure accurate process analyzer readings. 

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3 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Fluid System Knowledge


Personalized Consultation & Training with Our Team

Meet with the right group of fluid system experts to help you overcome even your toughest challenges. These meetings can include training on products, equipment or installation procedures. Regardless of the challenges you face, we're here to help ease the pressure of building reliable fluid systems.


Swagelok® Tech Talks

Swagelok Tech Talks are free, 30-minute virtual presentations on topics varying from products, applications, services and best practices. You'll even see different fluid system experts present on each topic, offering their expertise and knowledge with a Q&A at the end.


Weekly Column

A curated selection of articles focused on fluid system optimization and Swagelok total solutions. Whether it be a case study, tech tip or access to unique, downloadable content - our technical blog aims to provide you highly relevant information.

Here’s What One of Our Customers Had to Say

“We requested the Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation & Tube Bending Essentials course for our local union members and after speaking with them I can say how much they enjoyed it. Our members really appreciated Ryan explaining the benefits of Swagelok, and the way it is manufactured and developed as this is not typically known in the field. The hands-on portion was excellent as well. They brought everything we needed and had great practical exercises that reviewed the basics of the product, as well as a great review on tube bending.”

William Schwarz, Instructor – UA Piping Industry College


*Swagelok reserves the right to cancel a course and amend course dates at its sole discretion. Registered attendees will be notified of date changes or cancellation no later than 7 days prior to the course date. Swagelok is not responsible for fees incurred with cancelled travel. Attendees needing to cancel an enrollment may change their enrollment to another course date, or send someone in their place. Course deferral and registered attendee name change requests must be received no later than 7 days prior to the day of the enrolled training course to avoid being charged in full.