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Weekly Column Improve Safety and Efficiency in Liquid Grab Sampling Draft 1

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Improve Safety and Efficiency in Liquid Grab Sampling

Grab sampling, also known as field or spot sampling, is essential in chemical plants, refineries, and oil and gas facilities for validating process conditions and ensuring product quality. Methods for grab sampling vary depending on the fluid being sampled. 

For gases and volatile liquids, sample cylinders are used to contain system media and protect operators from hazards. Conversely, bottle sampling is preferred for nonvolatile liquids due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. 

Swagelok Application Commercialization Manger, Matt Dixon, explores proper techniques for bottle grab sampling, potential challenges, and the benefits of implementing the right sampling system design for improved operational efficiency and safety.

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The efficiency of your facility hinges on the performance of your fluid systems and the precise accuracy of your sampling systems. Watch our video to discover how Swagelok can assist in optimizing your fluid or sampling systems.


Curious about enhancing plant safety and streamlining maintenance? Discover how well-designed systems can optimize your sampling processes. Our fluid system engineers are ready to share their expertise with professionals like you. 

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