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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for Safety and Reliability | Article Index | Blog - Weekly Column | Resources

Weekly Column Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tech for Safety  Reliability

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for Safety and Reliability

Challenges posed by hydrogen's properties emphasize the need for specialized fittings to ensure system integrity. Fittings for hydrogen fuel cell technology must demonstrate a few critical characteristics for long-lasting reliability. While traditional cone and thread fittings have been used in these applications, there are higher-performing options available today.  

In this Swagelok Reference Point blog, explore the design intricacies and safety considerations of hydrogen fittings. Learn valuable insights into the anatomy of hydrogen fittings, underlining the importance of precision engineering for safe hydrogen system operation.

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Swagelok's approach involves meticulous material selection, design features, and testing protocols tailored for hydrogen applications. Swagelok’s FK Series fitting is engineered for reliable performance that your mobility applications demand. 

The Anatomy of a Hydrogen Fitting infographic - image

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