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Swagelok Field Engineer identifying system leaks

Swagelok® Plant Turnaround & Shutdown Services

Plant turnarounds are enormous undertakings that rely on many months, and in some cases years, of planning to be executed successfully and on schedule. Turnarounds involve the tedious process of taking an industrial plant off-stream, removing fuel piping, process piping, and any additional equipment that cannot be maintained in place.

One of the most time-consuming activities after reassembling the plant is checking for leakage at all connection points. Our fluid system professionals will work with you to efficiently evaluate system leakage in real-time, as well as deliver a detailed report with recommended actions to improve and optimize system performance.

Hear from one of our previous customers, AltaGas, as they share their success story of having our fluid system professionals at their facility:

quotes"As I have been heavily involved in gas plant turnarounds for many years, when I was first approached with the idea of using Swagelok's current technology to assist with turnarounds, I was not convinced that it would be beneficial. After seeing a demonstration of their capabilities, and knowing that they already perform service work at our facility ( i.e. steam trap surveys and air leak checks), we thought we would give it a try. I can honestly say that with the success we had, we will never do a turnaround without their help again." 
AltaGas | Greg Roberts, Operations Coordinator 

quotes"As a team, we decided to give Swagelok a chance to prove the value of their services. Their process eliminated a lot of pre-work, re-work and cleanup for the operations crew, and looked to be a good time saver. Not only were they professional, they were very knowledgeable and proficient at the task at hand, which was to get us back up and running on time and leak free."
AltaGas | Anders Eriksson, Operations Coordinator

Plant Turnaround & Shutdown Services can include:

  • Comprehensive report created to identify key issues, and recommend solutionsAltaGas
  • Any of the Evaluation & Advisory Services that apply specifically to your operations

The comprehensive report will include:

  • Cost of existing, unrepaired leaks
  • Concerns categorized by severity 
  • Photos to clearly identify locations of problems
  • Steps that can be taken to remedy them

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Plant turnarounds and shutdowns can become costly, not to mention labor intensive. Our services help facilities achieve optimal cost savings and improve safety by safely testing inert gases under pressure. 

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