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Swagelok® Tube-in-Tube Systems are available in various sizes and material selection. Our fluid system professionals will be able to assist you in selecting TIT3the proper specifications for your applications.

The next time you’re considering a manufacturer for your Tube-in-Tube System, consider the benefits of choosing Swagelok as your solution provider:

  • CRN availability for 316L and Carbon Steel configurations
  • 316L Stainless Steel systems draw from standard
    inventoried products
  • Fast lead times
  • Customized lengths and radius specifications available; highly repeatable solutions
  • Solidworks and AutoCAD capabilities
  • Quick access to process media calculations through our Field Engineering team
  • Easy ordering information through product configurator
  • Backed by Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty

Applications for Tube-in-Tube Systems:

  • Analytical Instrumentation systems that require sample
  • SAGD environments with steam generator constraints
  • Other applications in Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical Refining and Semiconductor
  • Outer tubing contains a media to cool or heat the process media running through the inner tube
  • Sample is used to help the end user determine the quality of media used in their process and to drive sample reliability and consistency

Specifications Available:

Design, Radius and Tube Sizes:

  • TIT8We have a variety of tube sizes, configurations, and radii available for your specific application.

Available Materials:

  • TIT7316L Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Special Alloy tubing (such as Inconel and Monel)
  • Other materials upon request

Pressure Ratings:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What configurations are available for Tube-in-Tube Systems?

A: The standard configuration would be a helical coil, however, other configurations are available. Contact your Sales & Service Center for more details.

Q: Do Tube-in-Tube Systems have CRN's available?

A: Short answer, yes.

Long answer, all components used in the construction of Tube-in-Tube Systems have CRN’s, amongst other certifications such as a letter of compliance and material test reports. Further, all Tube-in-Tube Systems are built in accordance with ABSA certificate of authorization permit.

Q: Can Swagelok help me determine the size and heat transfer for my coil?

A: Yes, our Field Engineering team will be able to help you determine the size and heat transfer for your specific coil design.