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Each Swagelok Service Center has invested in training a local Engineer who is able to identify key issues such as time delay, phase change, and other common sample system errors.  Ultimately, this training makes us better suited to recommend the proper solution. It's one thing to say we offer local, configurable and reliable grab sampling solutions, but it's another to know it. Read about our customer success stories, and discover how we've helped our customers meet their requirements.

Read our customer success stories


Does your sampling system provide you with a repeatable and representative sample? Or are sampling challenges costing you time and money? The team of trained and certified Custom Solutions technicians and Engineers at your local Swagelok Sales and Service Center will work with you to evaluate your current sampling system and determine your needs. 

Or, for an even more in-depth look, Swagelok Evaluation and Advisory Services offers an expert analysis of your grab sampling system.  Our experienced experts will visit your facility, evaluate your systems and advise on enhancements that will improve your operations. We’ll identify ways to eliminate potential safety concerns, obtain more representative samples and improve the reliability of your grab sampling systems.

You will receive a detailed report and recommend solutions tailored to your toughest fluid system applications and challenges. This will help you to increase operator safety, reduce environmental concerns and identify unseen opportunities for overall system improvement.


Ensuring your grab sampling system is suitable for your particular purpose is key. Temperature, pressure, phase, container type, materials of construction and where the panel will be installed are just a few of the criteria to consider in order to properly specify a grab sampling system.

To determine what will work best, your local Swagelok representative will take you through a checklist of details to ensure the panel we recommend will meet your system needs. Next, a certified Engineer will review your information and recommend a panel per your requirements.

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Our certified Engineer is happy to work with you to meet your system requirements. Using our standard panel designs as a platform, we can work with your team to:

  • Substitute comparable Swagelok and non-Swagelok (non-competitive) products if necessary.
  • Add products within the existing schematics – sample coolers, flowmeters, shut-off valves, drain valves, etc.
  • Make changes in the layout.
  • Make structural changes/additions – panel/bracket materials, enclosures, etc.
  • Convert to larger/smaller tube size (or metric).
  • Recommend alternate materials of construction.
  • Make flow / pressure drop calculations (and make changes based on results).
  • Recommend sizing of sample coolers/heaters and enclosure heaters (using vendors’ applications engineering).


Each local Swagelok technician has undergone a comprehensive training and certification program, that is repeated every three years, to ensure your sample panel will be assembled to strict guidelines and to your specifications.

In addition, our certified Engineer will monitor each step of the process to ensure quality and consistency.

Every Swagelok GSM and GSL is shell tested at the selected gauge pressure of the assembly, up to a maximum of 1000 psig (69 bar). Additional testing is available upon request.

And, Swagelok products are backed by The Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Swagelok is committed to helping you work safer and smarter.  Upon completion of your grab sample panels, a representative from your local Swagelok sales and service center can provide hands-on training to your technicians on proper use and maintenance.  

For a more in-depth look at Industrial Sampling Systems, you may consider Swagelok’s Sampling Systems Training. Swagelok’s hands-on sampling system training is one more way we can help your team prevent, diagnose and eliminate issues that can result in costly inefficiencies.

The courses are derived from Industrial Sampling Systems, a technical reference book authored by industry expert and consultant, Tony Waters. Download this white paper to learn 10 common mistakes that could be harming your operations. And for further information, select one of the courses below:


Watch this 1-minute video to see how Swagelok provides
Grab Sampling Solutions and Services.

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